Dating Violence

Are you going out with someone who:

  • Is jealous or possessive of you?
  • Wont let you have friends?
  • Checks up on you?
  • Wont accept breaking up?
  • Calls you names, makes you feel stupid, or tells you that you can’t do anything right?
  • Do they say that no one else would ever go out with you?
  • Does the person you’re involved with tell you where you can and can’t go or who you can and can’t talk to?
  • Do you feel cut off from your friends and family?
  • Do you feel if you say no to sexual activities that you will get in trouble?
  • Do you feel pushed or forced into being sexual?
  • Does the person say it’s your fault when they hurt you?
  • Does this person shove, grab, hit, pinch, hold you down or kick you?
  • Is the person you’re seeing really nice sometimes and really mean at other time (almost like they have two personalities)?
  • Does this person make frequent promises to change? Do they pretend that they never hurt you? Or do they tell you that you are “making too big a deal” out of it?

If so, you are in an abusive relationship, or your current relationship may turn violent. Dating violence involves a pattern of abuse that may be physical, emotional, verbal, or sexual. Such abuse occurs just as frequently in same-sex relationships as in heterosexual relationships. It is important to realize that you are being abused, and that you are not alone.

If you are in an abusive relationship…

  • t is not your fault.
  • You deserve to be treated with respect.
  • Take it seriously.
  • Tell someone you trust.
  • Seek information and resources.

Realize that abuse does not go away. It only gets worse.

Get Help