The Maitri Teen Outreach Program: Safe & Healthy Communications

Maitri believes every relationship, whether it is with parents, peers, friends, the community or a dating partner, should be healthy & safe.

Our program objectives are: (1) to help youth identify violence, both physical and mental, in relationships, (2) to refine the non-violent communication skills of youth, (3) to inform youth of specific community resources that are available to help them and their families deal with issues of violence and abuse, (4) to discuss how immigration and immigration status affects violence in the family, and (5) to provide information and interactive Web content related to violence and youth.
Through this program, we wish to create a safe space in order to encourage conversation between participants and to foster a better understanding of relationships so that we can educate teens on the four objectives.

The program involves a variety of different activities to maintain engagement and interest. Some activities include writing or internal reflection, and others involve discussion or role-playing as a group.

Previous participants have said that the workshop really helped them understand and connect with other people there because of how similar their lives truly are.

Each session is roughly 2 to 3 hours long, usually on a weekend, and we take between 6 and 20 participants per session. Participants do not need to attend more than one session as each one addresses the same subject matter.

Participants need to fill out and submit a parental consent form in order to attend. You can get this form by reaching out to any of the people listed below.

If you have any questions, need more information, or wish to sign up, please contact Nisha Uppuluri , Nandini Ray or Simran Lubana