Family Violence

Many acts of violence are seen first at home and then repeated, later on, outside the home. The home is often a site of different types of violence that teens may face. Such forms of violence may be physical, emotional, verbal, or sexual (link to incest paper).

The following are examples of types of violence or sources of violence that may be experienced by children or teenagers at home:

  • Acts of violence (punching, slapping, kicking, beating, etc.) between parents
  • Acts of violence by a parent (or other adult in family) on child-Being excessively pressured to achieve in school or any performance setting-Being excessively pressured into one career path
  • Being excessively pressured into or out of a relationship based on a partners race, religion, class, or gender
  • Being pressured or forced into an unwanted marriage. If you have experienced violence around these issues, talk to someone you can trust or call us at 1.888.8.MAITRI

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