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Redefining Safety for Immigrant survivors of domestic violence – making policy advocacy a priority

Working with immigrant survivors for little shy of a decade at Maitri , I have learned that defining safety for a survivor must include more than physical security. Domestic violence is a traumatic experience in itself, combining the complexities of immigration status and negative stereotyping, linguistic barriers, emotional hurdles, family ties and many others only add to the considerations a survivor must address before thinking about leaving the abuser. While the Domestic violence support system is focused on getting a survivor to safety, for the most part it fails to addresses the consequences an immigrant survivor may face once the crisis is over. As Maitri continues to grow from a small direct service providing organization to a leading member organization of the domestic violence movement statewide, we are embracing policy advocacy as an integral part of our work. Last year, we have had increased visibility locally, statewide and nationwide within advocacy circles. Continue Reading…

All this month, we encourage the community to come together to take up preventive measures to end domestic violence. The Maitri Art contest is one of our efforts to engage our community to promote peace, happiness, respect and compassion. We are glad that many parents have encouraged their children to express their thoughts through colors for the Maitri Art Fest.

Click here to see the beautiful and inspirational drawings of these budding artists to promote a more peaceful community.

We speak your language

In addition to English, the volunteers speak Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Malayalam, Marathi, Marwari, Punjabi, Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu amongst others.