Helping Others

If you are genuinely concerned or have questions for someone you care about read more.

Knowing someone you care about is in an abusive relationship can make you feel helpless. You may worry about their safety and want to rescue them or insist that they leave. But the decision must come from them.

Here are some suggestions that you can use to help them:

  • Talk to them – Start the conversation so that they know they are not alone

  • Listen and be supportive – Listen to what they have to say.  Let them know you want to help and will be there to support them in whatever decision they make

  • Be non-judgmental - Do not ask “why don’t you just leave?” Tell them you understand that their situation is very difficult

  • Help them make a safety plan

  •  Encourage them to talk to someone who can help

  • Offer to help them find a local domestic violence agency

  • Offer to go with them to the agency, the police, or the court. Maitri serves individuals in the San Francisco Bay Area. If we are geographically distant, you could find a local South Asian agency from our Resource List that is nearer to you

  • If they (or you) think that their life is in grave danger (life threatening) then they should instantly call 911 or you could make the call for them

  • If you think it is not an emergency DO NOT CALL 911 as this might put the person seeking help in additional danger which could have extreme and serious repercussions. If you want to learn more about this, then email Maitri at or call the toll free number at (888) 862-4874 (1-888- 8MAITRI) and someone will be able to explain that for you