Maitri supporters at Sevathon 2013.

Maitri supporters at Sevathon 2013.

Do you want to be a Maitri Volunteer?

Maitri believes that long term, social systemic change can happen only with community engagement though individual volunteering. You can make a difference by contributing your time, energy and talent to help Maitri.  This is a great opportunity to contribute, develop your skills and to interact with other volunteers who have the same spirit and drive to help those in need.

Maitri Outreach Table at Livermore Temple

Maitri Outreach Table at Livermore Temple

Client Advocacy Volunteers

Here are some things we would like you to know and consider:

  • We are based in the Santa Clara County (CA)

  • We require a 15-20 hour commitment per month, for a minimum of two years. This commitment can be fulfilled mostly during the evenings and the weekends but could occasionally be during weekdays as well.

  • To work with domestic violence survivors, you need to complete a 40-hour training in domestic violence as well as a 4-hour Maitri training. (Note: If you have already taken the training, you do not need to repeat it, if taken within a specified time period).

If you can make this commitment, you will truly make a difference in the life of a person going through Intimate partner and/or family violence.

Other ways to Volunteer:

  • Outreach & Education

  • Administrative & Office Help

  • Interpretation/Translation Services

  • Events & Fundraising

  • Database Management

  • Other skill sets / services that you can donate

Please send an email to maitri@maitri.org if you are interested in volunteering with Maitri. Please indicate how you would like to help and we will get in touch with you .  We appreciate any type of support you can give.