Policy Advocacy

While direct services at Maitri focus on crisis intervention and securing rights after domestic violence has occurred, our policy advocacy forum addresses structural abuse affecting immigrant population of color which make them excessively vulnerable to abuse and consequences of familial violence.

Administrative Advocacy: We engage in dialogs with law makers both at the Federal, state wide as well as local level bringing to the surface issues of domestic violence and relevant social indicators immigrant families experience and advocate for remedies entrenched in policy.


  • Lead Policy Advocacy with local policymakers in the Bay area. Usually In October to commemorate DV awareness month.

  • Participate in DVAC Santa Clara County led initiatives directed towards budget allocations.

Legislative Advocacy: We partner in proposing, supporting and advocating for legal measures/Bills that would enhance safety, wellbeing and overall lived experiences of the immigrant community with a special focus on survivors of domestic violence.


  • Participation in Policy Advisory Council of CPEDV

  • Participation in Advisory Council of Family Violence Law Appellate Project (FVAP)

  • Sign on Letters and Campaigns (In consultation with Rama)

  • Support social justice agendas that indirectly affect immigrant survivors of domestic violence.

  • Participate in Policy Advocacy Day in Sacramento organized by CPEDV

Media Engagement: We address current events affecting survivors of domestic violence and enhance ongoing dialogs to create violence free society.


  • Write Newspaper /Magazine Articles and Maitri Blog (sporadically)

  • Provide interview when approached

  • Publicize Maitri events promoting prevention and intervention in domestic violence situations.